Investigate the murder of President Kennedy and its cover-up!

Updated January 6, 2018

He could not have been killed by Oswald. No one can accurately fire so many shots with a bolt action riffle in 6.5 seconds. Shots came in more than one direction. Shots came from the front as well as the back. Remember Jackie Kennedy behind the president gathering his brains? At Parkland Hospital in Dallas, doctors universally reported an entrance wound in the throat and an exit wound in the back of the head the size of a baseball. They were stopped from doing an autopsy, when Secret Service agents took the president's body at gunpoint to a military hospital in Bethesda Maryland where a military (Naval) "autopsy" said that all the gunshots came from the back. There was more than one shooter. There was a conspiracy.

The murder of President Kennedy not only killed our president.

It also killed our democracy, our peace, and our free press. This coup d'etat killed our democracy; President Kennedy could not be reelected in 1964. This coup d'etat killed our peace; President Kennedy's NSAM (NATIONAL SECURITY ACTION MEMORANDUM) 263 would have removed troops from Vietnam. This was replaced by President Johnson's NSAM 273 to greatly expand the war and expedited our nation into becoming a Warfare State - spending more on its military than the rest of the world combined. This coup d'etat killed our free press; ever since we have not had a free press. Our media will not even honestly tell us who killed our President.

President Lincoln hoped that a government of, by, and for the people would not perish from this earth. Not a government of, by, and for military and intelligence agencies - which is sort of what we have since President Kennedy was killed and his murder was and is covered up.

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Graphic that says New. IMPORTANT: JFK - Historical Gropup : THE BIG EVENT 2018 - March 9, 10, 11, 2018 - Sterling, VA

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